Our Mission

We aim to address healthcare literacy, to improve treatment adherence and reduce disparities, by providing digital healthcare communication solutions that improve accessibility to medical information for low health literacy and limited English proficiency patients.


We are building a public health information campaign to promote knowledge and acceptance of COVID-19 vaccination by utilizing social media and micro-targeted community dissemination, collaboration with CBOs and FBOs and leveraging health influencers and popular opinion leaders.

Our public health campaign on COVID-19 vaccination #watchcovidend, in partnership with, a leading healthcare communications company, is customizable to reach any specific language and population groups and communities.

Watch Imina get his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on Dec 23rd, 2020!

Our Leadership

Imina Nosamiefan, CEO

A physician and healthcare language access expert with a passion to eliminate health inequities impacting all medically under-served communities.


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