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Our Mission

Medsapient is a social enterprise startup focused on understanding and improving minority patients' experience of healthcare. 


We are building a public health information campaign to promote knowledge and acceptance of COVID-19 vaccination by utilizing social media and micro-targeted community dissemination, collaboration with CBOs and FBOs and leveraging health influencers and popular opinion leaders.

Boston Craves Haitian Creole Language Services: Demand Skyrockets with Growing Population

The need for Haitian Creole language services in Boston has soared in tandem with the city's rapidly expanding Haitian population. Estimates suggest over 50,000 individuals now call Boston home, with many possessing limited English proficiency. This has created a critical demand for skilled interpreters across various sectors, including healthcare, education, government, and business. From facilitating medical appointments to ensuring effective communication in schools and legal settings, the role of Haitian Creole interpreters has become crucial for bridging the gap and ensuring equitable access to resources for Boston's diverse community. This demand is expected to remain strong, providing exciting opportunities for proficient and qualified Creole language professionals and further enriching the city's cultural tapestry.

Our Leadership

Imina Nosamiefan, Founder and CEO

A physician and healthcare language access expert with a passion to eliminate health inequities impacting all medically under-served communities.

Chisa Nosamiefan, 

Chief Patient Experience Officer, Minority Populations and Cultural Competence

A global patient leader and an intercultural relations expert advocating for equitable health for language and cultural minority patients. She is currently co-leads Minority Patient X, an initiative focused on understanding and improving minority patients experience of healthcare.